National Council on Strength and Fitness Personal Trainer Certification

The NCSF Certification originates from the National Council on Strength and Fitness association and is one of the head bunches in the business. They offer one of the top Personal Trainer certifications (actually, I accept they might be the best…) called the “NCSF CPT” (for Certified Personal Trainer).

The NCSF Certification is somewhat extraordinary – positively – than different certifications. Get this…they really need you to grasp hands-on classes to get familiar with the material! I know, what a stun! At the point when you contrast it with the reading material nature of most different tests, NCSF as of now flags itself as a progressively lofty certification.

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Does that mean it will be progressively troublesome, cost more, and include more opportunity to get a NCSF Certification? Indeed, it does…so in case you’re simply keen on being a little league trainer, the NCSF might be a lot for you. In any case, on the off chance that you are a Personal Trainer profession individual, at that point I firmly urge you to give NCSF’s CPT certification a decent audit.


As per the NCSF certification site, to acquire the “business driving” NCSF-CPT accreditation, competitors must take and breeze through the NCSF-CPT Certification Exam. The test is a 150-inquiry various decision organized assessment device which completely tests the information and abilities that are important to adequately work with a wide scope of clientele.

Despite the fact that you don’t need to take any workshops previously, because of the troublesome idea of the test, I would prescribe that you do take one to realize what you’re getting into in advance.

Besides, you don’t need to take a workshop offered by the NCSF certification organization. Although they have incredible workshops, training schools, and home investigation personal trainer courses, you could likewise take classes at your school or study at NPTI.

Nearly everybody I’ve met with the CPT certification says that you ridiculously, need to know your stuff for this test. That is the reason I encourage you to look at NCSF’s workshops, classes or take a program like NPTI. Once more, it might seem like a great deal of work, yet that is the reason you take this test, since when you go anyplace and reveal to them that you are a NCSF CPT, everyone realizes that you know your stuff!

Test Study Options

To proceed on the instruction vein for a piece, NCSF offers workshops and courses for anybody keen on taking the certification test. They guarantee the workshop program is one of their ‘progressively famous’ approaches to read for the test. (In spite of the fact that I’m certain that is affected by the amount they’d like you to pay for the workshop versus learn at-home materials!)

The workshops start with you exploring the material beforehand…and then a multi-day course where a trainer proficient endeavors to encourage all of you that you must know to be a decent Personal Trainer.

Shockingly, you can’t pack all that you have to know into a two-day audit, so expect that in any event, paying for the workshop, you will at present need to work a considerable amount all alone to get familiar with the material for the test.

The workshops are about $299 and spread out over the significant metropolitan zones of the US. Classes start pretty much consistently in some piece of the nation. Check the schedule on the site to check whether it’s close to you later.

To spread out the test a piece, they likewise offer a “Training School Course” choice

This is a 8-week training course – aggregate of 30-40 hours – that causes you gradually ingest more data while you’re gaining from affirmed instructors.

Tragically, the Training Schools choice for the NCSF certification is just offered in Southern Florida…so except if you can drive to Miami-Dade College or Broward Community College, you might be outta karma! Include about $495 for these courses, and it makes it helpful just to individuals that are neighborhood and can join in. Which thoroughly smells for the remainder of us…hopefully the program grows out of South Florida sometime in the future!

On the off chance that both of those choices are a lot for you, you generally have the home-study choice. Once more, my suggestion is to do a workshop, training course, or something like an a NPTI training school, however I’ve most likely bored that into your cerebrum enough at this point!

Incorporating exercise hypothesis is the hardest piece to conquer when you’re simply learning in the solace of your own home, with a lager close by and 10 interruptions asking for your consideration. NCSF attempts to help with this issue by having practices appeared on a DVD training video. Although I haven’t seen it, it shows that at the very least, you will get the hang of something about how activities work.

Presently, for my other annoyance of home-study controls (That would misspeak muscles and such), I don’t know whether a home-concentrate course will get great elocution through to another understudy well indeed. So, in the event that you do the home-study, figure out how to figure out how to articulate Supraspinatus.

On the off chance that you ask me, I would do a workshop, training class, other personal training course or comparative before I surrendered and did a home-concentrate course. I can promise you that the most elevated level of disappointments on the NCSF Certification test are from home-study understudies.

So as to not squander many dollars and a great deal of hours, it’s ideal to attempt to go to some kind of in-person training. The retake charge is nearly as much as the enlistment expense for a workshop, just to place it into point of view…


Here are the costs separated:

  • NCSF Certification Exam: $199 (retake is $135)
  • Study Materials: $299
  • Workshop: $295
  • Training Classes: $495
  • Transportation: $10 (for the materials)

CEC’s and Validity

Old fashioned CEC’s! My preferred route for certification associations to drain more cash out of us! All things considered, NCSF isn’t awful truly.

Your NCSF CPT certification is legitimate for a long time after you take the test. You must gather over those two years 10 CEC credits before restoration. They even have ‘items’ you can purchase to home investigation for tests that will get you CEC’s. Additionally, there are online CEC’s tests that you can take to get .5 CEC’s towards your credit! Additionally, you can assume school acknowledgment or other CEC courses.

NCSF makes it a little more…let’s state ‘manageable’… to get credits that really make you a superior trainer, as opposed to simply making you give them cash throughout each year without showing you anything. For that, I give them a lot higher rating as it shows they truly care that their CPT’s are specialists and persistently developing in their field.


The NCSF certification is truly outstanding – if not the best – certifications that another (or existing) Personal Trainer can get. Perceived wherever as an innovator in the field, it shows that you have a strong establishment of information and aptitudes that are urgently required right now.

If you aren’t anxious about a troublesome test, at that point you ought to genuinely consider the NCSF CPT test. If you think you need to be a Personal Trainer since it’s simple and you can pull off least exertion, at that point you ought to do an alternate certification. In any case, for all of us, this is the kind of test that is remunerating to pass and delivers off numerous profits over the life of your personal training profession.

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